Wednesday, 13 April 2011

After All, What Is 'Women's Power' Hub?

The ways of the world surprise us all. Almost like the presence of both love and contempt in the sacred, world is full of extremes. Almost parallel to the developed and the developing world, treatment of women is quite different in the two worlds. Whereas in the developing world, women are less allowed to have education, have opportunity to go out and have a say in marriage as an expressed culture, cultures of silence sees them physically and sexually abused. Latter even sees her as the faulty party, when she reports her rape. No wonder, many women in the developing world believe that it is a curse to be a woman.

Although the developed world shows education of women and women climbing the corporate ladder, it is not free of injustice towards women. While women here get less pay than men and are sexually abused at place of work, at home they are abused by their present or past husbands or boyfriends- if not by other relatives.

However, given half a chance, using their power, women do come up. In fact, in just a century or so of equality, the success stories they have come up with is remarkable. Although USA is yet to produce a female president, even developing countries have come up with female heads of governments. In addition, Canadians may be surprised to know that even Afghanistan has more female members of parliament than Canada. Irrespective of the Canadian statistics, important factor, however, is that women's graph of success is going to go on ascending and encompass new avenues to form a future civilization called Femocracy. That however is a long way away. Now women need help.

In this scenario, variously called WomensPowerHub or Women's Power Hub, 'Women's Power' Hub is a term coined by Dr. K. N. Bastola in November 2010. It is a term used to encompass the following goals:

1. To recognize and make the world aware of the suffering that women have to go through daily.
2. To honour the dignitaries, irrespective of race, creed, gender or ethnicity, who have worked hard to uplift the status of women.
3. To make women aware of the inherent powers they have.
4. To make them aware of the result of that power, when a chance is given.
5. Also to empower men through imparting of knowledge, to fulfil its aim to bring about a just society.

'Women's Power' Hub does these through its website, social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Myspace etc, a book called 'Women's Power: Its Past, Its Present, Its Future: Femocracy, articles, and through videos.

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