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Sunday, 19 September 2010

Will There Be a Clash of Civilizations With Islam?

Although Islam has fewer members than Christianity, in terms of practice, they are said to be more religious. As a complete religion, guided by Allah- as they believe, Islam is a very different civilization than the man made Modern Civilization. It has got distinct world view, ethos, rules and regulations, and punishment system. However, like the election of their first caliph, Abu Bakr, some commonalities can be found. Although those Muslims, who like several expects of Modern Civilization, are called moderates, many Muslims refute the idea of there being a moderate Muslim.

Did Sigmund Freud Contribute to The Modern Civilization?

Although civilizations don’t form just like that, unlike the ‘pocket civilizations’ of the past, formation of Modern Civilizations is much more complex. It has taken centuries to form and there is no single entity, country, continent or gender that has formed it. While in terms of gender, both sexes have contributed, in terms of race, all races have done so. Similarly, several revolutions, ideologies and personalities have contributed to its formation. Although it sounds strange, while even communism has contributed to its formation, amongst the giant personalities, even Sigmund Freud has done so.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Did The British Empire Contribute to The Formation of Modern Civilization?

As if God was giving chance to all and almost suggesting nobody wins, human history has seen empires rising with united pride and then crumpling down with division.

Although European empires followed suite in the making of empires, almost due to a modern touch, it was revolutions that brought them down. Winning France and extending up to ‘Sun never sets in the British Empire’, it was the British Empire that ruled more.