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Sunday, 6 June 2010

Are There Many Differences Between Man and Woman?

To start with, the most obvious difference between sexes is the anatomy. Even male and female animals look quite different. It is, however, interesting to note that, while animals have so similar faces that it is hard to identify them individually; our individual faces are so different. We have so much difficulty in finding, even a lookalike. But then, the facial contour of man and woman is so different that even babies can identify a male and a female face. However, differences between sexes go much beyond anatomy.

Have Women Contributed To The Formation Of Modern Civilization?

Almost ending all discussions, Freud thundered, ‘Women can’t contribute to civilization’. With there being very little input from the fairer sex in history compared to men, Freud almost got scot free with his statement. However, with women going through suppression, due to, what the feminists call patriarchy, while it was natural for him to say so, as a reaction, it was not unnatural for feminists to accuse him of being a male chauvinist either. No wonder, the endless clash between feminists and Freudians reminds one of clash of civilizations.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Did ‘Man the Hunter’ Alone Develop Our Primitive Mind?

The unit cells in the brain that allow us to think are called neurons. Our brain has billions of them; interconnected billions of times. All information perceived through our senses are stored in the brain. It follows that more the experience- more the information and more the sharing between neurons. Brain has got this innate ability to come up with answer, whenever a query posed to it. This answer could be in the form of a new idea. No wonder they say, ‘necessity is the mother of invention’.

Are Feminists to Blame For All The Social Ills of Today?

Although we have progressed in many fields, even landed on the moon, our family structure is failing us. Divorce rate is mounting, marriage is declining and teenage pregnancy is not getting any less. Government ministers, who talk about family values, are concerned about the situation. It is a different story that their families aren’t faring any better.

In this scenario, partly blaming them for this and fully blaming them for clashing with men, let alone men, many women have negative views about feminists. It is true that in a competitive world, feminists have used fiery language against men. But are they to blame for everything that has gone wrong for women? Or is it that modern women are oblivious to the suffering women went through in the past? Do modern women know the suffering feminists and other women activists, even men, had to go through, in this revolution against men?

Are Women More Powerful Than Men?

Signifying gender clash, members of both sexes, especially when in the comfort of unisex gatherings, have expressed deficiencies in the opposite sex. ‘You know what men are like’ and ‘you know what women are like’ are the usual comments. In today’s real competitive world, the question asked above has become more important.

History, unfortunately, has not been kind to women. They were suppressed, almost in every culture- at least, over the last 2000-3000 yrs. They were said to be less intelligent, passive, emotional and much more. Not only men, even women thought that those assertions were gospel truths. They hardly ever protested. It became a way of life. As a concept, it fitted very well in the making of a stable society, where men worked outside and women worked at home.